Firefox Mobile — Mozilla goodness for Androids!
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Trivia & Factoids
  • Started as a project, codenamed "Fennec"
  • Uses (almost) same technology as Desktop Firefox
  • First stable version (v1.0) released in January, 2010
  • Initially targeted for multiple platforms (Maemo, Android, WP, PC)
  • Now supports only Android, for a-few-reasons (we'll come to that)
Checkout what Fennec stands for:
Platform Supports
Why is it now Android-Only app?
  • Maemo gradually became less popular (tier 3) platform
  • Microsoft doesn't provide Windows Phone NDK
  • Apple doesn't allow non-webkit brosers to app-store
  • BlackBerry's OS isn't flexible enough for the development
  • Symbian phone's specs are too limited for Fennec to run
  • Palm WebOS can run it, but for its rarity there's no support
  • Moving with Android native UI, Desktop builds aren't produced
Most platforms without the Firefox Mobile support are targeted with "Firefox Home". Firefox Home for iOS is already available for 2 years — BlackBerry, Symbian may also have it in future.
Technologies & features
Comparing with the desktop version
  • Gecko: uses the same rendeing engine
  • XPCOM: Cross-platform COM architecture
  • UI/UX: (now) based on Android native UI
  • Awesomebar: more awesome, with tab-previews
  • Sync: browse seamlessley on multiple devices
  • Speed: uses the same JavaScript engine as Desktop
  • Safety: comes with "Do Not Track" to protect privacy
  • Addons: addons need very small tweaks to run, if at all
Did I miss anything? Ok, you tell me!
System Requirement
  • Processor: 600MHz ARMv6 or better
  • RAM: 256MB or more
  • GPU: for H/W accl. in future
  • Screen: WVGA800 (800x480)
  • OS/Platform: Android 2.2+
Here's a comprehensive list of suppoted phones:
If your phone runs Android 4.0+, most likely it will smoothly play Firefox Mobile too.
Let's get the hands dirty
Install Firefox for Mobile on your Android
There are several alternative methods to install Firefox on your Android device Let's install it then — follow the live step-by-step guide...
That's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed it...

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