Gearing up with Firefox Addon Development
Soumya @Debloper Deb
Tech-Talk — OSScamp Hubli

The Addon Ecosystem

  • Back-story of an addon
  • Browser-Addon relationship
  • Who should, ideally, develop Firefox addons
  • Comparison with other browsers' addon implementations

Diving into Firefox Addon-Development

  • Know your basics
  • Figure out what's lacking
  • Search if there's already something similar
  • Resolve the use cases (is it rather a webapp/service, than extending the broswer?)
  • Make crude & rapid prototypes without fancy features, stick to the bare minimum till you get the result

Getting in-development helps & references


Addon publishing & its life-cycle

  • You can distribute your addons from anywhere (i.e. your website)

  • But publishing in AMO is probably a better option, for several reasons

  • Though, sometimes it's not a good idea (security review false positive etc.)

Guides, Notes, Tips, and Good practices

  • Write that code from scratch again, you can do better
  • Most #extdev are from Europe/US — adjust timing for QnA
  • In IRC, don't ask "anybody there?" — ask the question
  • When submitting addons provide all required details to use the addon in the note for the reviewer section
You're all set now!
Go, break a leg... make some addons...


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